Some last-minute hints for Father’s Day
By Hookemharry

Posted: June 14, 2001

Today is Flag Day! And in only three days it will be Father’s Day!

My friends know I’m the father of four children who are wonderful kids – well, most of the time they’re wonderful kids. Based on that qualification, I feel I’m pretty well qualified to give you my two-cents worth on what to give your good old dad this Sunday.

But first, here’s my disclaimer – call it my personal red flag in honor of Flag Day: These ideas will work especially well if you like to spend time in the outdoors like I do. If your kids don’t read this column every week – obviously these are times when they’re not quite wonderful. Also, remember to highlight what you would like for a father’s day gift. A couple of suggestions on where to place the column would be: a) taped to the TV remote control; b) on the computer keyboard; c) attached to the phone; or d) somewhere on or in the refrigerator. Do not put the column by the clothes washer or dryer, the vacuum cleaner or the lawnmower. They will never see it in time, if at all, before Father’s Day.

Okay here goes:


A Montana Trout Unlimited “Save the Grayling” print by Monte Dolack.


A pair of binoculars.


A Leatherman tool.


A NFL Season Ticket from DirecTV.


A gift certificate to a local sporting good store.


A guided river or lake fishing trip for you and dad.


You promise not to wake him up early on his days off for one year (or one month or, believe me, even one week).


Mow the lawn for the rest of the summer without being told (wonderful, wonderful!).


Buy him a membership to the Western Montana Fish and Game Association (which includes shooting range privileges).


Do what your Mom tells you to do so Dad doesn’t have to hear about it when you don’t.


Say you will snow shovel the driveway and sidewalk right after it snows (that might mean any month of the year based on last week).


If you catch more fish and they are bigger than his, at least give Dad credit for teaching you.


Let him do what he wants to do this Sunday even if it doesn’t include you.


A portable automatic air pump that works from his vehicle’s cigarette lighter.


A gift certificate to a hardware store.


Space for your own gift idea_____________________________________________.


All of these ideas are designed to give dad more time to spend in the outdoors and let him enjoy that time even more.

Just go by one simple rule when buying a gift for your dad this year. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! After all he is your DAD. And we all know Dad is always wonderful.

Have a Happy Father’s Day