Dale Gilbert to put on a great walleye clinic
By Hookemharry

Posted: February 24, 2006

To anglers all around the world, Montana is known for its trout waters.

Outfitters on streams and rivers like Rock Creek are booked up sometimes a year in advance for a chance to fish its famous salmonfly hatch for trout.

Yes, Missoula is in the heart of trout country, that’s for sure.

But more and more anglers are wondering about fishing for warm water species, in particular for walleyes.

No, you won’t find walleye fishing within a few miles of Missoula but if you go east over the mountains in Montana or to the Columbia River, the fish are there to catch.

Why fish for walleyes in trout country? It’s like everything else in fishing. You look for new challenges. You learn about new species. You try your luck for them.

The best way to get a jump-start on walleye fishing is to attend a fishing seminar. That will save you countless days of trial and error in your fishing efforts.

And if you live in Western Montana, then you might just be interested in driving a few miles north to Kalispell and spend a day in learning about walleyes from Montana Walleye Pro Dale Gilbert, from Ulm, just south of Great Falls.

Gilbert has put together a one-day walleye fishing clinic that he’s holding in a several locations in the Treasurer State. At Kalispell, his clinic will take place on Sunday, Mar. 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Captain’s Marine, 2307 Highway 93 South.

It is a comprehensive clinic on many of the basics I use to fish for walleyes, Gilbert said. I have been doing these for a couple of years now and anglers have given me some good feedback.

It really is a 101 class on how to start and fish for walleyes. Topics include strategies in searching for walleyes, which is very important because walleyes tend to hang on the bottom making them difficult to find when they are not active.

Gilbert will also give tips in using electronics, jigging, rigging, cranking, trolling techniques, boat control, equipment, tackle management, how to rig your boat, boat maintenance and more.

For his part, Gilbert has been fishing for walleyes for over 25 years. My favorite lake is Tiber Dam, says Gilbert.

He says that despite the fact he has taken first place in a walleye derby on four different occasions on Fort Peck Reservoir and also first place on Fresno Reservoir, but has not taken top honors while competing in Tiber Dams annual walleye derby.

Gilbert was named angler of the year in 1995 and in 2000 for the Montana Walleye circuit. He has also been a part of the Team of the Year on the circuit a couple of times.

This is great opportunity for you if you want to know more about how to catch walleyes from an angler that knows all the walleye waters in Montana and is willing to share his knowledge about them. The cost to attend the clinic is only $40. Seating is limited. Call 866-3304 evenings or e-mail dgilbert@3riversdbs.net to reserve your spot.

The Pike on Ice tournament is going to take place on March 18-19 on Seeley Lake, Salmon lake, Alva and Inez.

Over $1000 in prize will be awarded over the two-day ice derby. Registration is $25. The derby is a fundraiser for the Seeley Lake Elementary playground project.

Register at any local Missoula Sporting Good Store. You can also register up to 8 a.m. Saturday March 18 at Roveros in Seeley Lake. The rules meeting will be 8 a.m. at Seeley Lake Sporting Goods on March 18 and anglers must attend.

Any legal means of catching northern pike is acceptable including spearing, tip-ups, and jigging. Log onto www.pikeonice.com for more information