Eastern Montana Fishing Report – 2/1/2012
By Matt Schauer

Posted: February 1, 2012

Please be advised that ice conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you are planning on fishing for current daily information. Also use extreme caution on the ice at all times. Good Luck Fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.

Rock Creek Marina – (406)485-2560

Ice is 5-14 inches in the Back Bay. “ Haven’t seen many fishermen here. At this point I wouldn’t go out on the ice because of safety concerns. “ reports Bill of Rock Creek Marina.

Bob – Bob’s Bait Shop (406)429-2086

Crooked Creek Fort Peck Reservoir

Bob at Crooked Creek has had a busy week with fishermen coming in. The ice is 20 plus inches at Crooked Creek. Right now the fishing is really good. “ We have had some water on the ice because of temperatures being so warm but it is freezing up at night “he said. They are catching a lot of Northerns with minnows. Flat Willow Creek from Petrolia just past the spillway is open. They have been catching a lot of Northerns , only a few walleye and some perch and crappie. Many are fishing with minnows which he has at the Bait Shop.

Tongue River Reservoir – Bob Peterson

Park Manager, Bob Peterson says not much fishing going on at tongue River Reservoir. We did have ice to 2 feet but the few fishermen who went out said it has dropped to 10 inches with the warm weather . Fishermen have told him they have caught a few perch and a few walleyes. “The fisherman who have gone out have fished hard, fished long and had poor results,” Bob said.

Hell Creek Marina – Clint Thomas (406)557-2345

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

There is ice on Hell Creek. It is 5-6 inches on the Bay and it has not changed. The main Lake is only 1 inch so people should stay off it. Walleye fishing is okay and they are catching them at night. “People are catching northerns at 15 to 25 feet and the fishing for them is phenomenal.”

Gene Moore Lake Ridge Motel (406)526-3597

Fort Peck Reservoir Dam/Bear Creek/Pines

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says there is river fishing below the dam.” There is open water at Boy Scout bay and Duck Creek is open toward the Pines. Ice is in the dredge cuts, Nelson Cuts and trout ponds. He says, “the back of the bays on the main lake are fishable. I suggest people call first to find out conditions.”

West Side Sports –Dan (406)654-1611

Dan at West Side Sports tells us.” Ice is iffy at Nelson with depths at up to 12 to 18 inches depending on the area,” he says. Northerns being caught but walleye fishing is slow. Winners for the benefit last week show the trends. First place for Northerns was 24 pounds, first place total for walleyes was 11 pounds and the perch first place poundage was 1 pound total.

On Fourchette Bay, the ice conditions are not good enough to fish because of safety. “Temperatures and wind are changing conditions rapidly.” Dan says.

Canyon Ferry Silos – Marina Sharon (406)266-3100

Sharon at the Silos tells us that ice is at 13 to 15 inches and is drilling hard. She says ,”Ice conditions are reasonable East West to Round top. The ice is stable but there are pressure ridges moving.” Perch fishing is excellent. The Perch day tournament on team day brought in 24 pounds of perch for 1st place and 16.33 for 2nd place.

Fishermen are catching lots of trout and they are finding them at 40 feet at the Hole in the Wall. Ling are being caught at South Ponds. She suggests you stop in at the store for the most recent conditions and we will show you on the map where not to go as conditions are constantly changing as the temperatures changes.

Minnow Bucket – Allen Camarillo (406)348-2440

Allen Camarillo tells us that he had a lot of fishermen heading to Crooked Creek, Nelson and Tongue. He says he thinks the Yellowstone looks good for ling right now.

Lake Elmo Billings

This past week because of warm temperatures the ice on Lake Elmo is not safe for ice fishing. There is open water by the dock so you could throw a pole in from there for some fishing.


Ice is 4 to 8 inches on the North Shore at point boat ramp. Ice is soft on the shore line in places. The Willow Creek arm , RL Creek campground and fisherman’s point are still good with ice at 15 inches. Fishing is slow with some rainbows caught were 2-3 pounds. The ice is thinning especially close to shore in some places. At this point it is strongly discouraged to use vehicles on ice because of temperatures.

Eastern Montana Fishing Report, for the week of 2/1/2012 was compiled by Carol Henckel