Its License Time and the Best $100 You Can Spend
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 9, 2012

Sportsman’s license. Two turkey licenses. Migratory bird. Hold the bear for now. Total= $91.50.

Granted, 91 bucks isn’t chump change. Day’s pay for many. So, at the risk of downplaying the cost and the impact it has on a family’s budget, I will state that it is a bargain. No complaints here. I pay it and feel like I am cheating the system.

To see the value, consider what an average sportsman can partake in. For example, in 2011, I hunted deer, elk, turkey and upland birds a total of about 42 days. I fished another 48 of them. Hunted ducks just two days. So, in 2011, I spent 92 days in the mountains, on the prairie, in waders and in boats, being blessed by what Montana has to offer. The math is pretty simple, even for me: less than $1 per day. Wow.

In case you are still not convinced that the Montana resident hunter and anglers has it pretty good, consider what else $91.50 buys:

  • One night in a decent hotel. (In Montana. Not Malibu)
  • One tank of diesel fuel for the truck. (Gets the Billings hunter to Glasgow)
  • One tire for your Toyota. (Car, not truck)
  • One text book for your kid in college. (They may or may not use it)

I will take the sportsman’s license any day. But, let’s hope the diesel fuel doesn’t go much higher.

This post was provided by Jay, from the Montana Sporting Journal.