wolf harvest update

FWP Requires Mandatory Wolf Trapping Certification Class
By Matt Schauer

Posted: July 20, 2012

In December, Montana will open its first wolf trapping season. State wildlife commissioners now require trappers to educate themselves about what it would take to correctly harvest a wolf and attend a mandatory wolf-trapping certification class.

Ken McDonald, the Chief of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ wildlife bureau in Helena had this to say:

“These trappers must be thoughtful and they need to understand that they’ll be representing their fellow Montanans and hunters and trappers everywhere,” said McDonald.

“Trapping will be used as a wildlife management tool aimed at bringing Montana’s rapidly growing wolf population into a social balance that reflects the biological realities of the species and their shared habitats as well as the public tolerance and values of the people who live and work in Montana.”

On Thursday, July 12, The FWP Commission approved Montana’s third fall hunting season and added a trapping season to begin on Dec. 15 and end Feb. 28, 2013.

In the required certification classes, trappers will discuss all aspects of Montana’s wolf population and the trappers’ associated responsibilities.

“Some of the topics that will be covered during the certification class include a brief look at the history of wolves in Montana and the current status of wolves in the state,” McDonald said.

“We’ll discuss wolf management and the role of trapping in conservation; trapping ethics, regulations and proper techniques; caring for a harvested wolf; and reporting and registering one’s harvest.”

FWP would like prospective trappers to sign up on the Wolf Trapping Certification Class Roster website.

Montana trapping licenses are on sale now and cost $20 for residents and $250 for nonresidents. Wolf hunting licenses cost $19 for residents and $350 for nonresidents. License sales should begin in August.

To learn more about Montana’s wolf population, visit FWP online.