Gallatin Fishing Well After Flows Dropped: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: July 21, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons! Let’s see what they’re telling us about rivers & lakes in the Butte & Bozeman Outdoor Report!

Best of BUTTE is the BEAVERHEAD, below Barrett’s in particular…our guys are fishing Brown Bear Blacks under the willows…or try a small Hopper or two here, the flows are great and the water temp is good still! The evening hatches have been prolific too, so the usual Caddis & PMD suspects will work as well! The RUBY RIVER is fishing in all its glory right now as well…the flows are about perfect for PMD Emergers or try Royal Coachmans on the Alder Fishing Access…Gold, Green or Black Panther Martins will yield great success too! On the BIG HOLE, fish from Fish Trap to Jerry Creek with Caddis, or take on Divide Canyon with your Olive Stonefly Nymphs…the BUTTE store had a report of a “river monster” that got away below Maiden Rock near Merriwether Ranch, so that might be worth a venture! Melrose has Big Hole River Days going on tomorrow, starting with a pancake breakfast at 8 am…don’t miss it, river fans! GEORGETOWN LAKE, as usual this time of year, is simply SMOKIN’, we’re recommending Elk Wing Caddis or Blue Damselflies…hot spot appears to be Stuart Mill Bay for now, but pretty much the whole lake is producing! We’d skip the JEFF for now, it’s just too warm to be spectacular unless we get a cold snap….much as I’d love it, that’s probably too much to hope for til September!

BOZEMAN suggests you avoid the LOWER MADDY this week, the water temp is just too warm for anything great unless you go VERY early in the day…if you gotta go, try small green hoppers or stick to Caddis! The GALLATIN (shown in the picture above) is the BEST choice now especially the Canyon & Upper Valley…flows have dropped, Attractor Dries are the BIG thing, & we’re not too far off from Spruce Moths, a favorite of the Bozeman Bob Wards anglers! The EAST GALLATIN is almost as great, especially early evening, with Duns…VERY wadeable right now! The UPPER MADISON is an excellent choice, anywhere below Hebgen…not too crowded and picking up steadily for Ants, Bees & green Hoppers…Caddis are there but mostly in the AM & tapering off. Don’t discount the YELLOWSTONE, which is in peak shape and a Dry Fly heaven these days! Best spots are Big Timber, or the upper near Gardiner…stick to Chubbies, Caddis Emergers, Parachutes or young Hoppers if you want to go terrestrial… HYALITE is great at the mouth or even up the Creek a little ways…Ants are the terrestrial of choice up here, or try a Para Wulff along the Dam once things cool off in the evening…our guys have been stripping light-colored Double Bunnies, especially when it’s overcast!

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