Get To The Point: ‘Montana Grant’ On the Importance of Sharp Hooks
By Kjel

Posted: July 30, 2012

No one goes fishing without the expectation of catching a fish! Here’s one thing you can do to get hooked up more often. SHARPEN YOUR HOOKS!

Buy a simple pen style hook sharpener or hook file. These diamond dust coated tools will help you tune your hook points perfectly. I tend to sharpen all of my hooks right out of the box. Lures, spinners and larger hooks are often in need of a little honing love.

The pen style sharpener has a rounded, flat and grooved shape. This allows you to address most hook styles perfectly. Here’s how you “Get to the Point”:

  • Hold the hook upside down with one hand. Stroke the hook point from the bend toward the point.
  • The groove is perfect for making this stroke
  • Create a chisel, 4 sided point on the tip of the hook
  • The bigger the hook, the bigger the file or sharpener you will need
  • Just a few strokes are needed on each side

Test the point by scratching your thumbnail. Most fish lips are made of cartilage, similar to a thumbnail.

As shown in the photo, I throw away the cap from my pen style sharpener and drill a hole in the back  end. This way I can attach the sharpener to my gear. Keep it handy so you can use it quickly and routinely. I clean it with honing oil or WD40. Whether ice fishing, fly fishing or bait fishing, a sharp hook will catch MORE fish!

Make sure to monitor your hooks throughout the fishing day. Every snag, fish and rock can dull your hook point. While checking your hooks, also monitor your knots and line. A little preventative care sets the stage for future success. Get The Point!