How to Choose a Montana Fly Fishing Lodge for Montana Guided Fly Fishing Trips
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 4, 2012

Are you looking to book a Montana Fly Fishing Trip but stuck on who to use or where to go? Picking the right outfitter, area, and lodge is an essential part of having a great Montana Fly Fishing trip.Of course, you could always hang out at home and watch every video in our Montana Fly Fishing Video Gallery, but we all prefer the real thing right?

The great thing about living in Montana is that we have choices, and often times so many choices it’s hard to make one that doesn’t rock. However, there comes a time when you must think about an outsider coming inside the Montana bubble and what would make them the happiest.

Are you looking for Big Fish? Or lots of Fish?

Montana Fishing Guides often battle this when expectations are being set with their clients. It’s rare to have a river or stream that offers a high volume of big fish, that would be awesome right? yea, but not very likely. From personal experience I can tell you that getting activity all day long will dominate fishing all day to catch one monster fish for an outsider. The great thing about fly fishing is that catching even a tiny fish, can get the heart thumping with adrenaline.

What type of license do I need to go on a Montana Guided Fishing trip?

You must have a valid fishing license to go on a guided fishing trip in the state of Montana. Nonresident licenses can be purchased for 2 consecutive days, or 10 consecutive days. Nonresidents can also buy a license for the entire season ($60). Nonresidents under 14 years old can fish without a license IF they are accompanied by an adult who holds a valid Montana Fishing License. (resident or nonresident)

Buy a Montana Fishing License Online

Luckily you can purchase a Montana Fishing License online by visiting Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks external website for online licensing.

How do I choose which Montana Outfitter to fish with?

Its very important that you have a fun time right? I recommend calling a few outfitters to see how your personalities mesh. If you know someone in the state of Montana, it would be good for them to ask around for recommendations from co-workers or friends, often times word of mouth is the best way to get a great guide. To ensure you have a great time, you might consider asking the following questions…

  1. What Rivers would we fish during my desired time period?
  2. What kind of fish would we catch?
  3. Would we have high activity all day or will it be a bit slower with a greater chance of catching a big fish?
  4. Who would be our guide? Any chance I can speak with him/her?
  5. Why do you think I would have a great time fishing with you vs. another outfitter?

Scott Anderson from the Montana Fishing Company is a great guy to call for advice. He is a good friend of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show and also an outfitter.

What Montana Fly Fishing Lodge do we recommend?

John Perry’s Montana Fly Fishing

  • Location: Clark Fork River near St. Regis
  • Outfitter: John Perry
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 406-370-9183
  • Website:
  • Capacity: Sleeps up to 20 people


  • 3 day/4 night = $1500
  • 4 day/5 night = $1800
  • 5 day/ 6 night = $2000

Additional Info:

The Clark Fork River Lodge is the perfect place to forget about work, be far enough in the wilderness to relax – yet close enough to St. Regis for any of your last minute needs. John Perry has been around for a long time and is one of the finest fly fishing outfitters Montana has to offer.

Thanks for a great week of fishing, lodging, dining, and most of all hospitality!

John Williams – Miami, Fl

What should I Bring on my Montana Fly Fishing Trip?

  • Fly Rod – best to have two with you in case of an accident. 5 to 6 weight are the perfect weights for what the Clark Fork River has to offer.
  • Reels and Lines – a single action reel with 80 to 105 yds of backing will be perfect for your 5 to 6 weight rod. You might consider bringing two reels in case something happens to your primary reel.
  • Flies – they provide those so don’t worry about bringing any dry flies or nymphs with you : )
  • Accessories – (provided) flotant, split shots, lead sleeves, snipps, and some extra tippet.
  • A Montana Fishing License – probably a good idea to go with the 10 day license vs. the 2 day license. Buy online now

You can always get current Montana fly fishing reports by listening to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, or by taking a look at our Montana Fishing Report Central Page.


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