Salmon Flies Swarming the Madison: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: July 7, 2012

Hi, friends, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons, & THE FISHIN IS easy in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN Outdoor Report….naturally!

Yellow Sallies are the go-to hatch on the BEAVERHEAD RIVER right now, with Goldenstones just around the corner…Grasshopper Creek inlet is the place to be this week in July! CLARK CANYON is fishing just as well…the trout are liking Countdown Rapallas, fished from surface to about 8 feet in depth. The BIG HOLE’s trout are hanging out in the deep pools and bank runs, & clamoring for Yellow Sallies, Pale Morning OR Evening Duns & Caddis…& there has been success reported with Jointed Rapallas here as well. It’s time for Double-Bodied Ants, Mosquitoes or Bees on any of these smaller rivers or streams…all areas are reporting Emergers or Beadheads have been HOT, too! Try any of these on the BOULDER RIVER, we’ve heard there’ve been some BIG brook trout pulled from the BOULDER in the last week! Just starting out as an angler, & want to learn to wield a fly rod with finesse? The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program is operating a fly-fishing camp for young anglers, ages 14-17, at Camp Watanopa on Georgetown Lake, in early August. Deadline for application is July 16, & you can pick up your application at the BUTTE Bob Wards Store between now & then! The 3-day camp is a very affordable $30!

In the BOZEMAN area, the LOWER MADISON is now open as crews begin to mop up after the Bear Trap 2 Fire…use CAUTION in the area still! Salmonflies are the delicacy of choice on the LOWER MADDY, and of course, you can find several Salmonfly Patterns in stock at the BOZEMAN Bob Wards to feed the frenzy! The UPPER MADDY is still swarming with Salmon flies, Caddis, PMDs & Goldenstones, & the really good news in this part of the state is that the YELLOWSTONE has become SIZZLIN again, Goldenstones & Sallies being a mainstay here! Try a sz 14-16 Chubby Sally on the STONE! We’ve got solid GALLATIN RIVER green going on in the Canyon, so some COLOR is indicated here, to keep the trout interested, in cloudier water…Rusts, Reds, Olives & Yellows should all work well for you! Get out your small brass or silver Spinners in HYALITE CANYON, the water’s still fine up here! In YELLOWSTONE PARK, the best fishing rivers right now are the GIBBON & the MADISON…try Attractor Dries for solid results! You can still fish the FIREHOLE, barely…stick to mornings (and PMDs), before things heat up! The Salmonfly hatch is a bit delayed in the PARK…expect that to pick up in a week or so!

If you want to get out of the HEAT we’ve got coming in for the weekend, come visit us in the BUTTE or BOZEMAN Bob Wards & try out a new rod & reel for size! Pick up some of those new Salmonfly Pattern flies, & get your PARK Fishing Permit, too! Stay safe and COOL this weekend…I certainly plan to! More next week, folks!