Surplus Hunting Licenses in Short Supply Again in Region 6
By Kjel

Posted: July 17, 2012

As drawing for antlerless deer and elk, as well as antelope are taking place Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks are reminding hunters that there will be reduced numbers of permits sold as “surplus” this hunting season.

Big game populations in several districts are still trying to bounce back from the heavy losses that happened during the harsh winter of 2010/2011. Also, A subsequent bout of epizootic hemorrhagic disease last summer also killed many white-tailed deer in some parts of the Region. With both of these instances occurring, FWP biologists have had to reduce hunting harvest quotas even further.

In years past hunters had the opportunities to purchase special permits that were left over. With this now reduction in licenses available the competition for drawing a license has now increased. Any surplus of license will be made available in early August and hunters are encouraged to attempt to purchase a surplus license as early as possible if they want a chance.

For more information please visit: Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks


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