The Day of the Carp on Canyon Ferry: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: July 21, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, & even in this heat, it’s still pretty SWEET in the Helena Area Outdoor Report!

Ya gotta get FANCY with your fly rods this time of the year….so much food is on the surface, this is when fishing really becomes an art form…fish are feeding on the MISSOURI primarily on the dead & drifting bugs so use a light touch and keep moving! There are plenty of stacked fish waiting for the “right” treat, just keep trying! The water temps on the MO are decent (some rivers are getting too warm for consistent fishing right now!) but you’re still gonna want to go in the early day! The MO’s seeing Trico action, plenty of Caddis, PMDs & Sallies as well…we like the Headlight Yellow Sally or a Poly PMD Spinner in the 14-16 range…Terrestrials are warming up…Green Hoppers or Flying Ants, with maybe a bit of emphasis on the Ants right now, are mainly what’s being seen on the MO. We hear there’s some decent Streamer bite, that the Whites (or maybe Tans) are the color of choice, and we’d dunk a big old sz 1 White Jawbreaker or Home Invader right now if it was US!

It’s the Day of the Carp still at CANYON FERRY (pictured above)…which ain’t all bad! Otherwise, if you want Trout or any of the elusive Walleye at the moment, you gotta go deep, and will no doubt have more success on the Dam end, away from where the MO is blending in its warmer waters…Leeches, Crayfish, Scuds & San Juans will do the trick here! The Walleye catch is fair to middlin’ on HOLTER & HAUSER as well, just stay in the cooler waters and go down deep! Add Wooly Buggers to the patterns mentioned above, we’ve heard of some significant success with these ugly boys!

Camp Mak-A-Dream is sponsoring their Benefit Walleye Tourney on CANYON FERRY from 7 to 3 on Sat Aug 4th…load up on the best patterns at Bob Wards in HELENA and head for the tourney….proceeds help a wonderful cause, youth & young adults battling cancer! While in the store, drop by & see us in Fishing, and we’ll point you in the best direction for angling success on CANYON FERRY & other waters…meantime, I’ll be back next week to give you more suggestions!