From “Hold on!” to “Hit and Miss” in the Southwest Montana Outdoor Report
By Kelsey

Posted: August 26, 2012

Hunting and fishing in the Dillon area reports from ‘hit and miss’ to ‘skate it across the top and HOLD ON!”. Antelope for archery is pretty slow and only 1-2 have been heard of that have been harvested.

Fishing is picking up a little bit more on the Beaverhead (both upper and lower) using crane flies and hurless are recommended, hoppers have been working really well out there as well.

The Big Hole has been really slow in the midday, working best in the morning and later evening. The dry flies to use are hoppers, ants and caddis. Woolly buggers, zonkers and the JJ’s special are really the best flies to use on the Big Hole – “Just skate it across the top and HOLD ON!” is what people are saying.

Clark Canyon is fishing pretty well towards the red rocks side. Repallas and cowbells are what they are using with while trolling and they are starting to stack up pretty good in the channel. Marshmellows and worms on that side are working really well thought it is some what of a “hit and miss”.


This Southwest Montana Outdoor Report was given by Shelby at Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon.