Holter Fishing Well for Walleyes: Northwest and North Central Montana Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: August 12, 2012

The Northwest Montana Fishing Report is provided by Chancy, of Snappy Sport Senter in Kalispell, Montana.  Below is Chancy’s report of the latest fishing news:

Chancy at Snappy’s said Lake Koocanusa had some good reports on kokannee in the 10 to 12 inches range.  Try fishing out by Rexford and the dam. Lynch Lake, in Pleasant Valley, has been fishing really well for pike.  Try using a  spinner bait.

Blanchard Lake, up towards Whitefish Lake, has had some nice reports on croppy, perch and pike. The Upper Swan has been good as well.  Angler are using tracker patterns, adams, stimulators and hoppers. Also ,there’s been a few guys getting macks along Wood’s Bay in about 180 feet of water. On Whitefish Lake, a few guys are jigging down 100 to 120 feet of water. 

There are also good reports down Cabinet Gorge Reservoir below Noxon, lots of pike and a few small mouth.

Chancy said he and his boys were fishing the Flathead River sloughs and got some nice pike in the late evening using gulf minows.

On Tally Lake, the pike fishing has been pretty good. And on Smith Lake, just west of Kalispell, Anglers have been really good late in the evening and early in the morning fishing for pike.


The North Central Montana Fishing Report is provided by Leonard, of Roberts Bait and Tackle in Great Falls, Montana.  Below is Leonard’s report:

Leonard said that Holter Lake is still fishing well for walleye in the evenings and early mornings. There are trout and perch being caught all day. The river is too mossy, so nobody is fishing it right now.

Bynum is still fishing well for perch, but you’ve got to catch about 100 to get 25 good ones. On Lake Francis, you have to put in down by the dam because the water’s that low.  However, the bite is fair in the evenings. Tiber Reservoir is still fishing well. And on Fresno, the bite is still doing well.  Anglers are getting a lot of hammer handles.

If you have any questions or need rod & reel repair give Leonard a call at (406) 454-1877

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