15″ Montana Antelope Taken At 66 Yards With Bow
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 11, 2012

Bryan Kendrick recently experienced an adrenaline pumping Antelope archery hunt in Montana. He took the time to write up his story to share with all of you, which we greatly appreciate.

I was in a blind close to a stock tank. I walked out in the dark and still bumped some goats out of the hole. I set a decoy up as well. About a half hour after light, a really big buck came in to within 175 yards and started chuckling at my doe decoy. I have been watching this buck since the end of July and he had 3” on the 15 incher I shot. I named the larger buck Kong. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing right to Kong’s direction.

He worked his way down wind of the blind, winded me and boogied. About 45 minutes later, the one I shot showed up on a hill top a ways away. By this time, I had taken my decoy down. This time the wind switched and was in my favor. The 15” walked to within 150 yards of the blind and for some reason I think he was following Kong. It looked like he was not going to come in and continue on the path of Kong. So, from the back of the blind I was able to put the decoy up without him seeing me. He looked at the decoy and walked to within 54 yards. I passed on the shot because I thought he might come in for a drink and I might get a 30 yard shot. Well, he didn’t.

He turned, walked away and gave me another broadside at 66 yards so I just shot him from there. Hunt took place in Antelope 560.