5 Country Singers Who Hunt & Fish
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 17, 2012

Country music is a way of life in Montana, and its great to see that a few of our favorite singers enjoy hunting and fishing. It could be hunting alligator if your Miranda Lambert, or throwing a plug for some Bass if you’re Brad Paisley. No matter what it is, its cool to see they are “real people” that enjoy what we enjoy, the outdoors.

#1 George Straight

George is a country music icon, and an avid hunter and angler. He says his hobbies are steer-roping, hunting, fishing, skiing and golf.

#2 Miranda Lambert

Miranda was recently spotted in Alaska fishing for King Salmon. Blake Shelton (her husband) and Miranda enjoy spending their time off-stage out in the great outdoors.

#3 Travis Tritt

With his awesome mullet, and his huge country hits – its hard not to believe that Travis is a real dude who likes to hunt and fish right? He actually is buddies with Hank Williams Junior who also is an avid outdoorsman.

#4 Hank Williams Junior

Hank is an avid outdoorsman who actually owns some property in Montana.

#5 Brad Paisley

Brad has a famous song titled “i’m gonna miss her” that pretty much says – if she’s not down with my fishing habits, she can leave. That should explain how enthusiastic Brad is about fishing.