Autumn Weather Brings Good Fishing: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 15, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons! It’s good fishin NOW & even better to come now that Autumn’s here weatherwise…here’s where you should go in BUTTE & BOZEMAN! Just a caution about the SMOKE, which is still quite heavy on many days….check weather & fire reports before heading out so you can plan your day accordingly!

BUTTE likes your chances on the JEFFERSON, below Waterloo Bridge to Cardwell! The access is great and the BROWNS are plentiful! Use Frog-colored Flatfish or Crocodile Spoons, or Brass & Copper Mepps or Panther Martins, or for the BEST of the Dries, try an October Caddis with a Prince Nymph Flashback Dropper! The BIG HOLE has VERY low water conditions, so possibly not the ULTIMATE choice, but if you go, go early OR late & use a Spruce Moth Pattern with a sz 12 Nymph Dropper. At the upper end of the BIG HOLE, try a Brown Bear Black or a Brown Fly & nab some Brookies! The BEAVERHEAD has much better water conditions, with a more productive flow, so head for Poindexter Slough or Pipe Organ Bridge & stay with your Grey Drake action…try a Baetis pattern here as well!

BOZEMAN believes you will be a few good days behind the mud plug which dropped thru the GALLATIN this week, & fishing will be spectacular! Use sz 10-12 Spruce Moths, Caddis, or go to your RED colors, like a Red Rubberlegs…the Browns are starting to take on color, so it might not be too early to try a Streamer or two…Micro Zonkers in Grey or Black are a wonderful choice for early in Streamer season! The LOWER MADISON has the Browns doing their thing in the canyon, so kick in a couple Streamers like a JJ Special or a Krystal Bugger, & see how well you do! Olive or Tan Caddis are what the fish in the UPPER MADISON are going after, & just about anywhere below HEBGEN is a HOT SPOT! It’s now cool enough to get some excellent afternoon fishing in, so partake! The EAST GALLATIN is fishing like a Spring Creek, so bring out the Blue Winged Olives or Mahoganies & give the fish a treat…you MIGHT try a Streamer in the deeps or against the banks too, maybe a White Home Invader or an Olive Zonker in a 4! The YELLOWSTONE is giving up cutthroats up high, & they seem to like late-season terrestrials like Hoppers & Ants, or Attractor Dry Fly Patterns!

Sheep/Moose/Goat & Bear Season opens this weekend, so if you’re an angler & a hunter, you will want to drop by the BUTTE or BOZEMAN Bob Wards to have us help gear you up for your outdoor adventures! Camo clothing, hunt bags, calls & more are in house, just waiting for you! Meantime, stay out of the heavy smoke, pray for a good FALL rainstorm, and we’ll see you OUTSIDE! Back next week!