Billings Hunter Takes Down Two Deer with Bow – Labor Day #Archery
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 4, 2012

Opening weekend saw dry conditions across Montana. The three day weekend gave plenty of time for bow hunters to spend in the field. Some ranchers and farmers in Eastern Montana were more than happy to let bow hunters on their property to try and thin down the over population of whitetail deer.

Steve Knudson of Billings was one of those hunters. Knudson didn’t have any success on opening day but Sunday morning was a different story.

“I had a nice buck come within 16 yards of my tree stand”, added Knudson, ” and then a few minutes later I shot a nice doe that came within the same distance”.

Knudson has had a lot success over the years hunting whitetails from a tree-stand. He plans on making the two deer that he bagged Sunday into Hi Country deer jerky and some tasty sausage.

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