Camouflage Cupcakes
By Kelsey

Posted: September 14, 2012

Camouflage Cupcakes

What better to send the boys out on their hunting trip than camo-cupcakes! These are perfect for any type of celebration such as a birthday – in which you can even make a full blown ‘camo’ cake.

It is really easy! You can just take any yellow or white cupcakes (lighter colored so the food coloring can be seen) and read below.

What You Need

  • Green Food Coloring
  • Brown Food Coloring
  • Black Food Coloring
  • Cup Cake Mix
  • Other options besides food colors is using one back of chocolate cake mix and one vanilla, and just add green to half of the vanilla. This would definitely be the tasty route!

What You Do

Divide the cupcake batter into three bowls. Make each bowl a different ‘camo’ color; green, brown and dark green. You can get dark green by mixing the brown and green together.  You can do up to four colors before it gets out of hand, black and tan are other recommended colors. To get tan, leave some of the cupcake batter the way it is with no food coloring (white cake mix works good).

Place the liners in the pan and add one tablespoon of each color into each liner, then take a knife and swirl the colors lightly.

If you want to have less blended colors and more of the army solid blotchy ‘camo’ then drop smaller droplets into the cupcake liners as the picture shows below. After you fill each liner you do not need to swirl with a knife – if you drop each color in carefully!

For a cake you just use the same process but take your time and just drop until you fill the entire pan, if you want the quicker route, use the swirl technique.

Follow the baking instructions on the cupcake mix normally.

I  recommend finding ‘camo’ cupcake liners or using white, because it will fade into the cupcake coloring and be ‘camo’ throughout!

For the frosting you could do the exact same technique with food coloring and swirl the different colors together – or use a solid color and make it a surprise when someone bites into it!

Maybe hunters orange frosting is the way to go.

Enjoy making and eating these creative treats!