Captain and Crew Slayed Trout on Holter and More in MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 16, 2012

It has been a busy week on, hunters and anglers are logging on in record numbers. The most popular story is about the possible New Record Pope and Young Ram that was shot with a bow by Jim Hens at 84 yards. It is a very impressive animal and making a shot that distance had to be amazing too!

The story about Shawn Plakke snagging into the Big Horn Sheep on the Flathead River and then taking a picture as he lifted the head of the dead ram out of the water also has been a popular story, even though it was posted two weeks ago.

The fishing story that I wrote about my trip to Holter is also getting quite a bit of attention. Jaye Johnson, Steven Hellegaard and I hooked over 100 trout in three days. We actually caught at least one trout on 10 different lures. I took a picture of all those lures. Follow this link and see for yourself which lure caught the most fish. You might be surprised at which one was the most effective.

The Twisted Tea “Hot Fishing Spot of the Week” is Holter Reservoir for trout.

Next Friday, I am heading for Rock Creek Marina on Fort Peck to fish with Bill on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I head into elk camp with Kelly Burke of Burke Ranch Outfitters. Last year, I was lucky enough to kill an elk with a bow.

Bryan McGravy, from Missoula, killed a bull last week and so did Mark Anderson from Bob Wards. Anderson killed his down in the Big Hole area. McGravy was deep in the backcountry, north of Missoula.

Also congratulations to Jesse Cook, of Glasgow, and Josh Hofer, of Galata! They were the latest winners on the Kendall Four Seasons Subaru statewide trivia that we do twice every Saturday morning on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

Read listen and win with The Montana Outdoor Radio Show and

Have good week and be safe!