Cooler Water Means More Action for Fishing: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 15, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, & while it’s not QUITE Streamer or Blue Winged Olive time YET, there’s plenty of action on the cooled-down waters in the HELENA area!

The Lakes are taking some Mayflies, the occasional Trico or some Terrestrial action, like Flying Ants, if you want to secure Trout…this is working especially well at HOLTER Dam…Walleye fishin has slowed but is still worth the effort with GULP!, or Firetiger Crankbaits, & appears to be best at CANYON FERRY… go with Powerbait,or Worms & Garlic Mallows from the docks or shorelines at HAUSER, or if you want to drift, try a sz 6 Yellow-dot Black or a Blue-dot Silver Panther Martin on any of these 3 bodies of water. mornings are fairly cold, but the days warm up nicely, so pack your layers! You can try a little Streamer action on the Lakes…maybe a Whitefish, a Tan Fathead or a Black Wooly in a sz 2…mixed results have been reported, but on the other hand, it’s the best time to test out your Big Uglies & see what’s gonna work for you!

We hear below Tosten is the Carping Headquarters on the MISSOURI…try a Tan or Pink Hopper and see how well YOU can do! The Trout action is on the rise, and SUBsurface seems to be working best for these guys, so NYMPH your PMD Emergers, Caddis Pupa, Wire or San Juan worms or Pink Hackles…the choices are pretty much endless, the MO has been RED HOT this week and looks to be for a while! You’ve got algae & moss to contend with down low on the river, so prepare to work around that!

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