Low Muddy Water Makes Fishing Difficult
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 26, 2012

Nelson Reservoir is a 4,000 acre body of water, located 17 miles east of Malta on US Highway 2.  Nelson is known for its walleye fishing. The state record, a 14 pound walleye, came out of this reservoir.  Jim Conner recently fished a couple different lakes in the area and provided this fishing report:

We fished Nelson Reservoir, last Thursday. The wind blew and the fishing was poor. However, we did catch 6 fish, 4 walleye and 2 northerns, but no keepers.

The weekend before, we fished Yellow Water Reservoir and Petrolia Lake, near Winnett, MT. The Yellow Water was so muddy, I didn’t want to fish very long.  The water was 12 to 13 feet at the deepest.

On Petrolia, the water was low and muddy. I knew I could lauch my 14 foot boat, but I was not sure I could get it back out.  There is a steep bank and loose rocky soil around the boat launch.