Montana Hunter Opens Archery Season with Rifle Kill
By angelamontana

Posted: September 24, 2012

Most hunters that hunt during archery season have stories to tell that involve their bows.  This Montana native, Jason Maxwell of Missoula, has been rifle hunting for over 20 years and started his second year bow hunting with his .308 in tow.  On the private property he hunts, there is a coyote problem, so it is second nature to pack a rifle whenever he is out of his vehicle, hiking.  Opening day of archery season was no exception.

Sitting tight in his hunting spot with his bow, watching some deer in the field, a fawn appeared out of nowhere, running full speed toward Jason.  In shock from the burst of unexpected activity, he looked at the field to see why the fawn seemed to be running for its life.  To his surprise, a coyote was sitting not more than 100 yards from him, on the fence line.  It had stopped running and was just sitting there.  With only seconds to react, Jason picked up his rifle and dropped the coyote instantly.

This situation is proof that you should always expect the unexpected, especially when you’re out hunting!