Terrestrials and Nymphs on the MO: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 1, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, & fishin’s DIVINE over HELENA way….just the place to be over Labor Day Weekend! Some strong wind has cleared a lot of the smoke out of town, tho check online for the latest fire reports before you head anywhere over the weekend…it’s just sound advice!

You got your terrestrials on the MISSOURI right now, though most anglers say the REAL success is with nymphs, specifically Caddis Pupa, Soft Hackles, & PMD Emergers…stick to around a 14-16 in these, go Pinks, Reds or Rusts in color, and you’ll have it made! Hoppers are active, but fishing only so-so….the Morrish Pink or a Flesh colored Mosh Pit Hopper are productive choices. Tricos are winding down, but Ants & Beetles are worth a toss, if you are so inclined! Terrestrial sizes should be in the 12-16 range at this point. The word is out that there are some CARP to be caught below Tosten, & the big boys are all eating Hoppers, so try that area on for size!

HOLTER is super hot for Trout right now—still some fair Trico activity at the Dam in the AM, then try your Hoppers or Beetles in the afternoons. Try stripping some White Zonkers or a Rainbow Bling Minnow, in a sz 1 or 2 across the lake, especially if there’s some afternoon cloud cover…CANYON FERRY is still potent at the South End…Walleye fishing has picked up just a touch, so if you want ’em, get out in the deeps & tip a jig with a juicy crawler or try crankbaits in the ever-popular Fire Tiger pattern. Mornings are CHILL-EE on the Lakes, so bring a windbreaker and a flannel shirt you can peel off later as the sun warms things up. If you’re going south outta town to the Ruby area, the RUBY RIVER fishing accesses are pretty busy these days, so if you can steer clear of them & focus on less “picked-on” trout, the nymphing has been spectacular! Try Caddis, Scuds & Morning Duns here….RUBY RESERVOIR is consistent with Wooly Buggers, Leeches or Bait Fish patterns in the deeper waters! The 19-Mile Fire near Whitehall is still kicking up a lot of smoke, so if you DO head south outta Helena, be aware of this & do your best to avoid these bad conditions!

You’ll want to take a few & hit the Sidewalk Sale (at least, we’ll be outside if the SMOKE lets us!) at the HELENA Store…check out the outstanding Rod & Reel Combo deals…these are the prices you’ve been waiting for all summer! Fall fishing is shaping up to be fantastic, as usual in MT, & new gear is just what you need to take full advantage! Have a SAFE Labor Day Weekend, catch your fill, avoid heavy smoke or fire areas, and say hi to us….we’ll likely be right along side you, enjoying summer’s last big fling! Talk to you next week, sports fans!