Xtreme Bowhuntress is First Women to Kill a Polar Bear with a Bow
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 13, 2012

Michele Leqve of Rochester, Minnesota became the first woman to kill a polar bear with a bow.  Leqve is releasing a hunting movie title, “Hunting Nanuq with Xtreme Bowhuntress Michele Leqve.” (Nanuq is the native word for polar bear.) The movie was filmed by her husband, Jim and also documents a 5×4 elk, whitetail, black bear and caribou hunts.

Leqve wrote a short piece on the hunt you can read here.  It doesn’t sound like very inviting hunting conditions:

Edging to within 35 yards, I used my rangefinder to make sure of the distance. I had to get this right – no room for mistake. Because of the extreme cold (-25 F), my rangefinder didn’t seem to work correctly. Neither did my eyes. Everything looked white, and it was difficult to judge the distance. The rangefinder read 27.5 yards. So I inched forward a few more steps, steadied my 20-yard pin, and released. I missed the bear completely.

Click here to see her website and buy the DVD.