Dilan Saisbury of Belgrade Bags a Monster Elk not too far from Home
By Kelsey

Posted: October 31, 2012

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Dilan Saisbury grew up in Helena, MT and now resides on his family’s homestead in Belgrade. He had huge success right at home with getting his first buck with his bow, but not just any ordinary buck, a nontypical. (CLICK HERE to read the rest of that story). A very successful hunting season this far having found his monster elk in the Bridger Mountains, still not having to go too far from home. Read his story below.

“We had been hunting hard for three weeks and hadn’t connected on a bull. On Sunday September 23, my buddy Jake and I got into a bunch of elk with several bulls bugling. We zeroed in on a bull with a raspy bugle and moved in close. We stalked within a hundred yards of him while he was bedded.

We must have watched him for about an hour, unable to close the distance. All at once he sprung out of his bed and went down the ridge screaming all the way. We paralleled him down on a finger ridge and hoped to get a chance at him. We moved down a couple hundred yards and found ourselves surrounded by three spikes; all under 70 yards. We were stuck once again.

We sat there listening and watching as the spikes fed, when suddenly a few head of cows came jogging right below us. The big bull was right behind them. Unresponsive to cow calls, he drank from a water hole at 70 yards. I ranged him and Jake drew his bow. I told him to wait as I looked for a window that I might shoot through. Right as I drew, Jake released his arrow. I saw the bull jump and turn to the right, that’s when I shot.

I hit him right through both lungs and he only went 40 yards. There was definitely no ground shrinkage when we got next to him. We were both stoked beyond belief! As we started quartering and processing him, we noticed that Jake’s arrow had grazed both front knees. Just flesh wounds. All we had to do now was pack him out 5 miles.

Two days later I was still smilling.”