Hunting Deer and Seeing Ghosts
By angelamontana

Posted: October 15, 2012

Montana’s rifle season is just around the corner and so is Halloween.  In the spirit of spookiness, I wanted to share a story I read on involving a Virginia hunting trip that turned ghostly.

This story is worth repeating whether you believe in ghosts or not.  It is about a guy who was hunting in an area where Civil War memorabilia has been found in the past.

He started out by stating that he was deer hunting close to an area where his friends have actually found Civil War artifacts.  As this veteran hunter was sitting in his tree stand, he heard commotion that he assumed was a deer headed in his direction.  It turned out it was a deer that seemed to be spooked from something, and as quickly as it appeared, it was gone, running underneath his stand full speed into the trees.

Within seconds, the hunter saw two human figures walk up and sit down next to a nearby tree.  One of them appeared to be helping the other walk.  The hunter, thinking one of them may be injured, yelled to them that he was in the tree in front of them to get their attention.  They never even acknowledged him.  So, he looked down to grab his water bottle to throw toward them, and when he looked up again, they were gone.

Puzzled by their sudden disappearance, he tried to replay what he had just seen.  He heard them walk up, leaves crunching underfoot, and, apparently, so did the deer they spooked.  But, he couldn’t figure out where they went…or how they went.

He then assumed they were helping to push deer toward another hunter, so he went back to scouring the area for deer with his binoculars.  Within a few minutes, the two figures walked up to the same spot again.  This time, the hunter never took his eyes off of them, and they seemed to just dissolve right before his eyes.  It was the most unexplainable thing he had ever witnessed.

The following day, the hunter and a few of his friends went to the spot where the men sat down the day before, hoping to find some kind of clue or sign of the two.  Instantly, their metal detector went off in front of the tree where they sat the day before.  They dug a few inches into the dirt and discovered a belt buckle.  Attached to the belt buckle was a rotted belt that was wrapped around human skeletal remains.

Being one of the more memorable hunting trips for this particular hunter, it became one he won’t ever forget.  A lot of hunters have their share of unexplainable noises, sightings and happenings during their hunts, but most things eventually become explainable.  Maybe there are ghosts out there helping and/or distracting hunters, maybe there aren’t.  Share your spooky hunting stories on the MORS Facebook page!