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Region 7 Reports Fewer Hunters and Harvests
By Matt Schauer

Many hunters reported good game observation and opportunity, but overall a decline in harvest numbers across Region 7. Scott Denson, FWP Wildlife Manager said, “opening weekend varies every year, but this year the Hysham check station was down to approximately one third of what we consider average.”

At Hysham Check Station 73 hunters stopped and harvested a total of 46 animals.

  • 20 mule deer
  • 15 white-tailed deer
  • 10 antelope
  • 1 elk

At Broadus Check Station, 222 hunters stopped and harvested 38 animals. 50% lower than average.

  • 24 mule deer
  • 10 white-tailed deer
  • 3 elk
  • 1 antelope

At Sidney Check Station 47 hunters stopped and harvested 33 animals.  59% lower than average.

  • 2 mule deer
  • 4 white-tailed deer
  • 1 antelope
  • 23 pheasant
  • 2 grey partridge
  • 1 turkey

The general deer and elk season runs through November 25, 2012 and hunters must stop at all check stations. On the way to or from hunting, whether or not they have harvested game.

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