The Opening Bang: Story from Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle
By Matt Schauer

Posted: October 18, 2012

As I sit here watching the presidential debate, I find myself wondering what I can really believe out of the candidates.

One thing I do know is every elk in the woods is pooping terrified pellets thinking of this coming Saturday.

I think I’m about to poop excited pellets myself, just thinking about it; brazing parks at first light with hopes of horns!

I have to admit I’m a little bummed bow season has come and gone, but I do have to hang my hat on the fact that it was the best one I have ever had. I had more close encounters than ever and put some big times miles on my boots.

Not only did I see some huge screaming bulls, my dad was the caller overseeing the whole playing field. We have had some great recollecting conversations of our adventures in the woods this year. With that being said, my elk tag is still in my pocket and hunting big bulls gets tougher in rifle season.

The one advantage we all have in rifle season is the fact that guns kill things…PERIOD.

I can’t tell you how close I was to monstrous bulls this year and couldn’t close the deal with my bow. I can guarantee a totally different outcome hauling my 375 Ultra-Mag through the brush!

I am a timber hunter through and through because of my love for up close stealthy encounters to game. When hunting thick timber and brush, it is of paramount importance to carry a weapon that will get the job done. I am confident (because I have done it) that I can shoot through a 12” diameter lodge pole and still kill an elk with my rifle. If I plan to hunt an area with parks or long range opportunities, I will carry a flat shooting weapon with high velocity and ballistic performance, like the 300 Ultra Mag.

I have killed many elk with this caliber and in my opinion is one of the best elk calibers there is. Even though the bows are back in their cases, it is still very critical to focus on shot placement. Remember, elk are big tough animals and we don’t want wounded game.

Wishing everybody the absolute best of luck this weekend for the Opening Bang! Please be safe and have fun romping through the woods!