Big Fish Moving In Missouri River: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 10, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, & WE’VE GOT SNOW now in HELENA, & pretty bright fishing success as well!

The UPPER MISSOURI river near Townsend has some big fish moving into it from the lake, & it’s not uncommon to find rainbows sucking on Baetis on these cloudy, chilly days. Brown, Black or White are the streamer colors of choice, & we like your baitfish imitations like Minnows or Whitefish in sz 4…for nymphing, we suggest you try midges JUST barely subsurface, & if you add a dropper, it’s even better! Or stick to Soft Hackles, Ray Charles or Tan Scuds…word is, the monsters in the deeper runs have been biting well on these! The whole river’s open & ready for you, & the crowds have thinned, so what’s stopping you? A little snow never kept anyone indoors around these parts!

Get out the RED Powerbait, jointed Rapallas in orange or nightcrawlers with scented marshmallows for excellent fishing at CANYON FERRY…from the shore & around the Lake, these old-school winners have been producing the fish! Near the Dam, mix it up with crayfish, whitey imitations or Powerbait…they’re all good! Perch are available at about 50 ft on HOLTER, so that’s a worthwhile venture. It’s gonna be downright COLD on the Lakes, tho, folks, and probably windy, so dress accordingly! Give this weather a couple weeks & we’ll be looking at some ice forming…

We’ve got fishing, hunting & soon SKIING going on for our outdoor folks, & you need to get ready & stay ready for all of it! The Ski-Ba-Dee-Ba-Doo Sale continues this weekend at Helena Bob Wards…get on in & check it out, plus get geared up for the cold weather with new waterproof boots, warm outerwear & comfy base layers for the continually changing MT weather. We can help you get what you need & get you set for everything you do outdoors this winter! Nice chatting with you, & we’ll be back next time!