Cloudy Day Fishing: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 3, 2012

Hello, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons…tis the season for cloudy-day fishing, & we’ve got some of that stuff goin’ on around Bozeman & Butte!

BOZEMAN reports decent fishing on the UPPER MADISON lately, with the dry fly guys succeeding in the wade section towards Reynolds with Baetis & Midges, particularly on the overcast days! Find the fish stacked around structure, or in the holes below the gravel bars…maybe try stripping some Black Buggers or Grey Micro Zonkers here! The LOWER MADDY has been reliable as ever, just nymph between the pockets of weeds with Crayfish, Mayfly or Midge Nymphs…Midges are quickly becoming the Bug of Choice here! Streamer action is swift, too, w/Sculpzillas or Copper Zonkers…on the GALLATIN, Baetis hatches have had the fish looking up for both emergers & adults…Stonefly/Mayfly combos are a great nymphing go-to in the afternoon, & smaller Streamers of the Bugger or Home Invader variety in white, black or olive have all had success! Larger browns have been spotted on the YELLOWSTONE above & below Livingston, & they seem to be liking the deaddrift of a streamer or maybe something like a Minnow imitation, very slowly-stripped! This is YELLOWSTONE PARK’S last fishing weekend, so try to head up if you can…both the GIBBON & the FIREHOLE are performing like champs w/Baetis or Streamers, plenty of overcast HERE!

BUTTE wants you to fish for the BIG Browns, sinking Rapallas into the deeper holes on the BEAVERHEAD or the JEFFERSON…the JEFF also reports larger-sized Blue Winged Olives, 12s or 14s, in the vicinity…the BIG HOLE has October Caddis in full swing, & it seems fish are liking them either Dry or Subsurface…also try nymphing Beatis emergers, or if you’re around the Divide area, strip a Bling or Bellyache Minnow or a Brown/Yellow Flash Fry…DELMOE RESERVOIR has been a hot spot this past week, with bank fishermen casting 3/8-oz Nickel Fighting Fish & getting bragging rights for the day! CLARK CANYON is going strong with your live bait (leeches or worms) or with trolling Rapallas. Plenty of choice in these parts!

Ready or not, it’s SKI-BA-DEE-BA-DOO at the Butte & Bozeman Stores, so check out the latest technology in boards & skis if you get a moment off the local waters! The snow’ll be flying before we know it! Catch yourself a new ICE ROD or any of the newest ice fishing gear while you’re nosing around the store…it’s ALL there! Happy fishing, folks, & talk to you again next week!