Kit’s Tackle Father and Son Custom Rod Building Interview
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 1, 2012

I decided to take this week’s post and interview dad about his lifelong passion of rod building. I am always the one blabbing about something so I thought it would be fun to bring dad into the post by interviewing him. The other afternoon while walking through the woods I was actually wondering some things about dad’s rod building talents myself. I have watched the most beautiful rods come to life and have been taught myself, but never wondered where dad got started. I figured I would share his response with everyone rather than keeping it to my ears.

Below is the full interview:

Trevor: Dad, what sparked your initial interest in rod building?

Dad: My rod building interest came from wanting to go to the water with a personalized stick built by my own hands. It would be unique to my personality and be hand crafted to my exact specifications. It was a rewarding feeling to go to the water with home produced tackle and a custom rod.

Trevor: How old were you when you built your first fishing rod?

Dad: I was fifteen years old when I built my first rod and it was a 5’ 6” Herter ultra-light blank. Years ago it was the most awesome fishing rod I had ever used. Looking back, I was able to touch the tip to the butt of the rod but it did yield me my second largest brown trout and fueled the fire to my lifelong passion of rod building.

Trevor: How can you sit at the rod building bench for hours on end doing tedious thread artwork?

Dad: Well Trev, that is a good question. I seem to get lost in every rod I build and time seems to drift by like a flowing river. I have built hundreds of rods making the steps come automatic to me, yet each rod is very unique. I fall in love with the custom handles and thread artwork that goes into each rod. Hand weaving custom wraps is an art form and the beauty it presents brings a lifetime of pleasure to the owner. I still have a hard time watching rods leave the shop as I build an emotional attachment to each rod I craft.

Trevor: Would you consider yourself a master rod builder?

Dad: Absolutely Trev, the quality of our rods is unsurpassed by anyone anywhere in the world. When you get a Kit’s Tackle custom rod, I guarantee they will be splined perfectly, wrapped with the finest precision and beauty, and constructed with the industry’s finest components. And of course built by hand from the blank to the final thread wrap ensuring a master crafted rod with dedicated precision.

Trevor: Has it been fulfilling to pass your rod building passion along to your son and turn it into a business?

Dad: Trev, the greatest fulfillment in my life was when you decided to take Kit’s Tackle to the next level. Trevor has a keen eye for quality as you all know and is so observant on the water in the product refinement process. Trevor also has a special gift with people; being able to communicate so clearly and fluently with all. He is very energetic and you can feel his passion for the world of fishing and the tackle and rod building business. If you get an opportunity to catch a Kit’s Tackle seminar, it will be a lively fun packed session with tips and tricks. Thank you Trev, for all you have done for Kit’s Tackle and the adventures we have shared together. I love you son.

Trevor: Dad, is there any special events or fundraiser you donate your master crafted rods to?

Dad: Kit’s Tackle is a very active participant in the world of giving and donating. We donate multiple rods each year to raise money for education, organizations like Walleyes unlimited of Montana (getting kids introduced and involved in the world of fishing), and private fundraisers for people in need amongst our community. There is not a better feeling at the end of the day than knowing you are helping to better someone’s life.

Trevor: Dad, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Dad: Actually yes Trev, I want all our customers and followers to know that it makes my heart so happy to know I can help be a part of their success on the water. We hope all of you have a chance to catch a fish of a lifetime on the custom build rod from Kit’s Tackle. We invite you to start “Jiggin’ the Dream” with us!

Well I hope you enjoyed the interview and will take a look at Kit’s Tackle’s custom rod page here. A custom rod from Kit’s Tackle would make an unforgettable CHRISTMAS GIFT this year. The possibilities are endless theming the rod around your favorite sports team to matching the colors of your boat. Not only will your rod be unique to the personality of its owner but it will take refined performance to the next level. Cheers to “Jiggin’ the Dream”

Below is a picture testimonial from Mike Benson (the man to watch out for during the Mack days) with his first lake trout on his new custom rod from Kit’s Tackle that he calls “Sweeter than Cherry Pie!!!

Here is a link to our custom rod page for all the details and warranty information along with a picture gallery of our rods: