Montana Hunter has Successful 2011 Wolf Season
By angelamontana

Posted: November 27, 2012

Connie B. and her husband, of Conner, Montana, weren’t really expecting to see anything when they went out one morning during last year’s wolf season, which was Montana’s second year of ever having a wolf season.  (According to the FWP website, Montana’s first and only wolf season before that took place in 2009 where 72, out of the quota of 75, wolves were taken by hunters.)

They ended up heading out and decided at the last second to take a look around and see what they could see.  To their surprise, they heard howling.  Connie’s husband immediately grabbed his wolf call and howled back.  Not too long after the call, a wolf came in to where they were.  Connie immediately sighted in on the wolf and dropped the young female with one shot.

She decided to get a full body mount of her wolf and recently picked it up from the taxidermist.  The interesting part about this particular wolf is her eye color.  Whether its age or if this bluish gray color actually is its natural eye color, Connie wanted to make sure the original color was captured in the mount–and it was!

Nice job, Connie!