Dreaming of a White Elk this Christmas
By Kamp Cook

Posted: December 21, 2012

I have always dreamnt of a white elk as being a mythical creature, like the Indians do with white buffalo. My dad has told stories of seeing an albino elk while scouting in the Lewis and Clark National Forest. I did not know that there is an actual elk that is bred to be white.

The Russian white elk (not to be confused with an albino elk) is found only on game preserves in North America. An elk hunting ranch in Saskatchewan offers up limited opportunities for you to hunt this rare critter. Even though I am not a fan on big game ranches, it would still be cool to see one on my wall.

According to the Silvertine Ranch’s website

We have the largest breeding herd of white elk in North America ! Each year we offer a very limited number of trophy size White Elk to sportsman. Our herd dates back to the original herds that was captured from the wild in Russia back in the late 1960’s and again in 1970. Imported into North America by a German gentlemen by the name of Wolfgang Such. Although we do have a few albinos, 95% of our herd is colouroids, without pink eyes. This species of elk is the most limited of all the elk to hunt. Procuring a trophy-size set of antlers from this species is even more difficult, as they are not as genetically strong, or have as large a bodied as the standard Rocky Mountain Elk. The White Elk has a solid white coat of hair, cream colored mane, and on average weigh 600-750 lbs. The White Elk grows typical antler formation as the Roosevelt Elk, with some crowning being common. We consider a White Elk that scores over 300 to be a trophy class bull, but we have several each year that will score as high as 370+, making those bulls an extremely rare and coveted trophy for the serious collector. Nowhere else on any preserve will you find a better selection of white bulls than with Silvertine.


For the low low price *sarcasm intended* ranging from $4,000 to $7,750 you can have one of these mythical (almost as rare as a unicorn) critters hanging on your wall.