Bob and His Frozen Buck
By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2013

Bob Cole, a veteran Montana hunter, recently sent me a picture of a buck that came with a funny story.

I had shot this a few years ago (1991) in the East Fork, and after I had shot it , it got really cold to where it frozen solid.  I had to drive home in the daylight because the only way that I could haul it was to tie it to the front of the jeep, which blocked the headlights.  I was pulled over a few times on the way home by tourist. They kind of got a kick out of it.

I imagine that would make for an interesting sight to see driving down the road!

It turns out the deer was frozen so solid that when Bob finally got it home, it was solid enough to stand up on its own and even hold the weight of a person.  Thank you for sharing your story, Bob!


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