Helena Area Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 2.15.2013
By angelamontana

Posted: February 15, 2013

Hi, Angie from Bob Ward & Sons here, & I’m thrilled to let you know what HELENA areas are fishing well!:

With the weather staying consistent this weekend, the fishing in the area should pick up RIGHTEOUSLY by Saturday…if you are in the market for some solid Kokanee fishing, try the HELENA HOLDING RESERVOIR…tip your jigs with white corn, maggots or use Swedish Pimples for incredible success!  Depths are from 20-40 ft!  CANYON FERRY has the trout hoppin on the south end, tho the depths have  been sporadic—pretty much all over the board!  Perch fishin has been slow, but from what we hear, if you do land them, they are usually on the larger size, so no REAL problem!  We have had some reports about ice thinning on the south end of the lake, so do not drive on the ice, please…use caution when ice fishing, as usual!  If larger trout is your treat, try heading over to the CAUSEWAY.  Perch fishing has been solid, & the Ling fishing at night is incomparable, where you can find  a little open water.

Winter nymphing on the Missouri—who can beat it?  Holter Dam to Craig is the hot spot, just use lightning bugs followed up with a scud or a hothead…the fish are near the bottom so using a split shot is necessary.  There are a few RISERS, but so far, very sporadic on the MO.  Try using sizes 18-20 if you are going after the rising trout.  Use BLACK if you are going to chuck some big meat in the river…we hear it works well!

GREAT DIVIDE has good snow over a groomed base…upper mountain is 50 percent groomed, otherwise pretty much skiied snow.  Get on up for the Presidents Day deal…if mom or dad buys a ticket, kids ski for FREE!  SHOWDOWN has a 38-48″ base & will offer some excellent weekend skiing as well!

The Bob Wards Progressive Sale, Week 2, will get you geared up for fishing OR skking….You don’t want to miss it!  C’mon in & say hello…we’ll give you the latest & greatest winter fishing info so you can’t miss!  We’ll be back next week with more details…meantime, 2013 Fishing Regs have been released & will be in the store soon, so stop by & pick yours up!