Northwest/Central Montana Fishing Report 5/25/13
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 25, 2013

Hear where the fish are biting in the Kalispell and Great Falls areas, from the latest edition of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

Chancy from Snappy’s
Chancy at Snappy’s says the fishing’s been good.  Lake Mary Ronan the kokannee fishing has been unbelievable.  Guys been limiting out really quick with some nice fish.  A lot of folks are jigging, using that new pk spoon (Flutterfish) in white, and also Haileys, Swedish Pimple dropper hook. Perch fishing’s been really slow. Folks been lookin for them, but nothing yet.  AshleyLake been doing well on kokannee for those jigging in about 30ft of water using the same stuff, the Haileys, the pk spoons, and Swedish Pimples tipping them with corn and maggots.  Limiting out with 8-14 inch fish.  Bitterroot reports are starting to come in on kokannee. Jigging not been as good as those trolling in the shallower water, not heard a lot on rainbows.  Middle Thompson  and Lower Thompson been excellent on pike for both lakes.  Guys are bait fishing with smelt, or they’re casting spinner baits or storm baits doing pretty well.  Hearing some good reports on kokannee, some times early in the morning, at then you might try that night bite on Middle Thompson.  Perch fishing been good on the Lower Stillwater, and getting some nice pike in the 2-5lbs range.  Island still fishing good for perch 7-11 inches, and lots of small pike.  EchoLake bass fishing been doing well for large and small mouth, and a few smaller perch and some kokannee as well.  Be sure to check your regulations on the bass in Region 1 with closures through June 30th.  Flathead River Sloughs been doing well in the back ends like Fennon and Church getting some nice bass and some pretty decent pike in the high 20 lbs low 30 lbs range.  Fly fishing a bit limited with the river waters running high.  Thompson River would be your best bet with stone flies and nymphs, LoonLake by Ferndale, be sure to check your regs fly fishing with leach and wooly buggers patterns pulling some nice rainbows. RodgersLake is good for Grayling, you can have a 50 fish day using small nymphs and purple pimp nymphs, and black leach patterns.

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Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle
Leonard from Robert’s Bait and Tackle says Holter is still catching trout, and walleye’s been slow.  The River down below Holter Dam’s been slow, but getting a lot of trout. Piscan is starting to fill up, and producing a few pike.  Bynum’s still getting a lot of trout and perch, Francis they are starting to put water in, but you have put in down by the East end.  Tiber is way down again, and you’ll probably  have to use the ramps by the marina and the VFW and the walleye is starting to pick up a bit.  No reports on Fresno because of the tournament coming up in a few weeks. Riverwise is turned dirty with all the rain.  If you have any questions or need rod & reel repair call Leonard 406-454-1877.

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