Eight Year Old Suspended for Eating a Gun Shaped Treat, Now Lifetime Member of NRA
By Kamp Cook

Posted: June 1, 2013

With the gun control debate continuing to heat up, sensitivity also continues to grow. A Maryland elementary school student was recently suspended for munching on a treat that was shaped like a gun. The student has now been made a lifetime member of the NRA.

According to Reuters

After hearing about Josh Welch‘s suspension from Park Elementary School in Anne Arundel County, a state legislator paid $550 to buy him a Junior Life Membership in the NRA, Welch’s lawyer said on Thursday.

“I was embarrassed that my county would do that to him,” said Nicholaus Kipke, leader of the Republican minority in the lower house of the Maryland legislature. He presented the gift to the second-grader Wednesday night.

The boy’s lawyer, Robin Ficker, said he is appealing the two-day school suspension that started on March 1 when Welch ate away part of his Pop-Tart during class snack time so that it resembled a gun shape.

In the appeal, Ficker included pictures of the U.S. states of Idaho and Florida because “they look more like guns than Josh’s Pop-Tart.”