Father’s Day Family Fishing Festival Results
By angelamontana

(photo courtesy of  Father’s Day Family Fishing Festival)

The Fourth Annual Father’s Day Family Fishing Festival was held at Happy’s Inn on June 15-16, and the results are officially posted!

The majority of the angler entries were from the Libby area.  There was a great turn out of 79 participants, and it was a beautiful day!

Here are the results:


  • 1st Jessica Moe-Pumnea 6.60
  • 2nd Jack Murer 6.34
  • 3rd Chris Smith 5.69


  • 1st Ben Hassler 2.06
  • tie for 2nd & 3rd
  • 2nd Kyle McNew 1.39
  • 3rd Steve Schenck 1.39


  • 1st Alex Svendsbye 1.184
  • 2nd Mike Munro 1.182
  • 3rd Wade Svendsbye 1.109


  • 1st Thomas Roark .982
  • 2nd John Roark .982
  • 3rd Robin Swimley .958