“What Kids Teach Us About…” by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 25, 2013

kids fishing 1_0003The small Barbie fishing rod was stacked in the corner under a pile of junk. My kids saw it and out came this “wonder rod”.  “C’mon Dad, let’s go fishing!”

The paperwork on my desk demanded attention and my “Honey Do” list was long, but…we need to make time for our kids. For a while, I watched as the kids whipped, flipped, and zipped the hookless casting lure around the yard. “Why don’t you try?” my son said. I took the 2 foot long rod and gave it a flip. The lure went flying across the yard. What a great cast! The kids and I were laughing and proud that Dad didn’t screw up.

Moments with the kids keep us in touch with our childhood spirit. Adults become easily buried in life’s challenges. We feel that we must become more serious and forget about our childhood habits. With the loss of our “kid feelings” we lose our spontaneity and the joy from the simple things in life.

Lighten up and get back into the spirit of having fun with some kids. Children keep us young. Kids see things that adults don’t. Their observations lead to questions and stimulate great conversations and memories.

Kids are basically trusting and dependent on adults to teach them about life. Children also teach us. Their unconditional love is a precious gift. These feelings become amplified when the rod is bending under the weight of a fish. We may forget many things in life but the first fish, buck, or successes will not be on that list.

So shove the paperwork aside, forget about the lawn, and grab the kids and outside gear. It’s time to celebrate life and become a kid again!

Tight lines,

Montana Grant

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