Kamp Cook Bagged His Beast
By Kamp Cook

Posted: November 30, 2013

It has been a long season for yours truly, but I finally filled my elk tag. I have hit the hills on a consistent basis since Labor Day, and finally got meat in the freezer. With the clock ticking down to the final days on hunting in Montana, the pressure was on. For me it was another case of being in the right place at the right time.

After spending the morning following elk tracks, with wolf track in them, I was discouraged to how the rest of the hunt was going to go. Between one of my hunting buddies getting a flat tire and glassing 200 elk behind “no hunting” signs, we where almost ready to trade our rifles in for cold beer. As we made our way to where some friends where fixing lunch, we were surprised at what we saw. With our lunch insight, we were ambushed by 30 elk. They did exactly what we wanted them to do and followed my truck all the way to our rendezvous spot. The rest of our hunting party was not ready for what we had running up behind us. As we rushed to get in position, hot dogs and potato chips were flying in the air. Within seconds, so were the bullets.


Before I knew it, 4 elk laid in the field, surrounded by a bunch of smiling faces. However, my bullets did not hit their mark and I found my self sprinting to catch up. When I finally caught up to where the elk had ran across the trail, I thought to myself “they are either long gone, or sitting in the trees looking at me.” Just then, I noticed flashes though the timber. I put my cross hairs in the only opening I could see in the trees, seconds before a cow elk stepped into the opening and stopped. I squeezed the trigger and *click*…. I forgot to load a round. I reached into my pocket and grabbed a single round, stuffed it down the tube, and raised the rifle. To my surprise the cow still stood in the trees. This time the gun didn’t go *click* and the rest is history.

With the freezer getting dangerously low on food, I am happy that things happened the way they did. Not to mention, it was on my birthday. I couldn’t have asked for more.