Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 12.13.13
By angelamontana

Posted: December 13, 2013


Our gun liquidation sale is going on now!

Even if your preferred season is over you can still hunt for great deals in our hunting department.

Mountain lion season (with hounds) is in full swing and ends April 14th.

Wolf season is still going through March 15th.

Duck and Goose runs though the first part of January.

Please review your regulations for specific details on the areas you plan on hunting.

Make sure to bring pictures down of your successful hunts and post them on our board!



Winter fishing can be a challenge. A few things to remember; fish are more lethargic-when giving action to your fly rig slow down, target the deeper waters rather than the faster-shallower areas, size down what you are using-smaller tippet and smaller flies, and lastly move more slowly when near the water.

The name of the game for a while is going to be nymphing. Head out with copper bobs, rubber legs, san juan worms, lighting bugs, bh prince nymphs, and egg patterns. Definitely go for something larger on top to attract the fish and user a smaller pattern trailed about a foot to a foot and a half behind the attractor fly.

Streamers will work in some deeper pockets along with sculpins (try the dead drift technique) and definitely pair some of the worms with smaller stone flies.

Right now nothing to report on lakes but we will keep you posted as the season progresses.


Ice conditions are stable at Georgetown Lake this week. The bay areas around Denton’s Point or Red Bridge have been good for Rainbow Hybrids and a few Brook Trout.

The wind has been whipping on the east side of the Divide this past week. Cold conditions on Delmoe kept many at home but those who persevered found moderate fishing conditions.

Vertical Rapala jigs and Northland tackle #3 buck shot spoons were working well. Glo Hooks tipped with maggots were also a good option.

We have no report on Clark Canyon this week. It was open water last week with warm conditions.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons)