Not Your Ordinary Bracelet – Kamp Cook’s Survival Bracelet
By Kamp Cook

Posted: February 22, 2014

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This past hunting season, it seemed that every time I needed my backpack, it was sitting in the truck. After harvesting my elk, I was left alone to field dress it. Since I didn’t have anyone to “hold the leg,” I found my self cannibalizing my sweatshirt draw string and my belt to tie the elk’s legs out of my way. All I could think about is how much I would appreciate some short lengths of rope. Thanks to my new survival bracelet, I now can carry 10 feet of paracord (plus 4 split shot, 20 yards of fishing line, 2 #12 hooks, 1 #12 beadhead nymph and a spoon.)

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Learn how to make your own survival bracelet* or stop by the Montana Outdoor Radio Show booth at the Missoula or Helena Great Rockies Sports Show and pick up a handmade one from your’s truly.

*All items needed to construct your bracelet can be found at Bob Wards sporting goods.