Possible World Record Redear Sunfish Caught in Arizona
By angelamontana

RecordCrappieoutdoorThe Arizona Game and Fish Department announced on Thursday that the state may soon be home to the world’s largest angler-caught redear sunfish in Lake Havasu, where there is a population of “unusually large” sunfish, due to the abundance of invasive quagga mussels and the sunfish’s appetite for them.

“Hector Brito pulled his massive 5.78-pound catch from Lake Havasu on Sunday with a dropshot rig, No. 8 Aberdeen gold hook, and a nightcrawler,” according to outdoorhub.com.  Apparently, Brito thought he was reeling in a catfish.

Although it is a state record, Brito is waiting for confirmation as the WORLD’S largest redear sunfish by the International Game Fish Association.  The previous record was a 5.55-pounder caught by Bob Lawler in 2011.

Nice work!

(Image courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish Department; Info via outdoorhub.com)