2014 Spring Mack Days Update – 8th Week
By angelamontana

Posted: May 5, 2014

2014 Spring Mack Days on Flathead Lake will conclude May 18th after 10 straight days of lake trout fishing beginning on May 9th. So far in the event there has been twenty four days of fishing with a total of 21,471 lake trout entries turned in by 231 lake trout anglers. That compares with 21,060 by 296 anglers in 2013 and 25,542-284 anglers-during the 2012 Spring Event. The 8th weekend total was 2,990 with the daily totals at 1,271, 668, and 1,051. Sponsored by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes the Mack Days Event has Up to $150,000 in Cash and Prizes to be awarded to the hard fishing anglers. All it takes to be entered in the lottery style drawing is one fish. There are several ways to win besides the drawing including Captains Prizes, Weekend Prizes, Smallest Fish, Largest Fish, Ladies Category, 70 & Over, Youth 12 & Under and 13-17, etc. Go to www.mackdays.com for more information.

There still is a $10,000, 2-$5,000, and 5-$1,000 tagged lake trout plus over 5,000 with values from $100-$500 in the lake. Tagged lake trout have been released all across Flathead Lake. Turning in $100 tags the 8th week were: Robert Turner, Darren Borgen, Jason Mahlen X 2, Ryan Shima, Kevin Burns, and Terry Krogstad-Kalispell. Garett Vaughan of Charlo also turned in a $100 tagged lake trout.

2012 Spring Mack Days Top Angler Jason Mahlen of Kalispell continues his run of big fish numbers. Turning in 3 days totals of 75, 57, and 82 brought his total to 1,272 giving him a large lead. Jason also has an 18 day average of 63.7. Mike Benson of Lonepine comes in second with 957 and average of 46.7, 3rd Scott Bombard-Missoula with 871 and 43.5, 4th Kevin Burns-Kalispell with 780 and 38.5, 5th Robert Turner-Kalispell-734 and 39.0 average, 6th Steven Benson-Four Lakes, WA.-728-35.6, 7th Ryan Shima-Kalispell-716-39.7 (15 days), 8th Jerry Benson-Plains-708-34.1, 9th Danny Smith-Hot Springs-655-34.4, and 10th Danner Shima-Kalispell-650-36.1 (17 days). Top ten anglers are placed by their 18 day average at the end of the event.

Julie Vacca leads the ladies with 99 followed by Leann Guillory of Kalispell with 64, Abby Hodgson-Kalispell-63, Tracy Powers-Missoula-51, and Connie Jones-Kalispell-33.

Danner Shima is leading in the 13-17 category with 650. Danner had weekend entries of 53,17, and 78. Following Danner is Garett Vaughan of Charlo with 343, Roger Guillory-Kalispell-226, Kobe Cox-Charlo-203, and Austin Shima-Kalispell-170.

Larry Karper is first in the 70 and Over group with 380, 2nd Conn Hodgson-Kalispell-270, 3rd Jens Gran-Polson-50, 4th Roger Smart-Polson-80, 5th Ralph Johnson-Columbia Falls-36.

Matthew Guckenberg Jr. leads the 12 & Under category with 162, 2nd Abby Hodgson-Kalispell-63, 3rd Aaron Lang-Kalispell-48, 4th Leah Banjai-Kalispell-17, and 5th-Shelbie Guckenberg-Kalispell-12.

Conn Hodgson was surprised on Saturday when as he was casting out with cold hands and a rocking boat his rod flew through the air. Feeling a little sheepish he could not believe what he had just done. Son Doug and granddaughter Abby couldn’t either. Doug had a fish on and started reeling it in. Along with the fish came another fish on his second hook and fishing line trailing a pole and a fish on that hook that had gone airborne. Conn caught a fish when his pole was sinking that had wrapped the line around Doug’s. Best catch of the day-it took several minutes to untangle everything and Abby reported she just kept fishing and catching.

Entries continue to be taken until the last day of the event. Entry forms can be found at area sporting goods stores or online under the events tab.

Spring Mack Days ends on May 18th with a fish fry for friends and families at 3:00 and the awards at 4:00 at the Blue Bay campground.

(Report by Cynthia Bras)

For information telephone 406-883-2888 ex. 7294.