Fishermen – Beware the Llama Loogie
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 17, 2014

Today marks the opening day of general fishing season in Montana. Fisherman all over the state are going to be scouring the banks of just about every body of water. As I get prepared to walks the banks of some of my favorite fishing holes, I remember the day that my fly fishing adventure was ruined by a loogie spitting llama.

It was a beautiful spring day like today, as I walked the north fork of the Mussellshell river with my fly tackle. I came up on one of my favorite bends in the river, armed with my fly rod, when a llama showed up on the banks. It looked at me in the eyes and lunged my way. After putting my arms in the air in an attempt to keep the ugly critter from trampling me, the llama reared back and that is when i felt the slime hit my cheek. After resisting the urge to gag, I retreated back to the truck to clean up.

Moral of the story, there are lots of dangerous critters you can encounter while fishing, but llama loogies are gross.

Happy Opening Day of General Fishing in Montana