Mile Markers and Glass Minnows (by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 6, 2014

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of mile markers and Glass Minnows…and a lake sized tackle box full of both of them!! Last weekend we started it off by attending and auctioning a trip off at the annual Life House banquet here in Helena. It was a fun night filled with a magical cause and friends all around. Then, as I was enjoying a much earned Moose Drool we were called to the stage to say hi to the crowd and pump up the fishing trip with Kit’s Tackle. Excited to help and fish with new friends, I did spit Moose Drool all over when the day on the water with Kit’s Tackle went for $2,400. Holy pickled crawdad pinchers…talk about making a guy nervous! Dad said we better bring dynamite just in case and I told him I have something better…GLASS MINNOWS!! Feeling great about the trip and the cause we headed home to rest up for the long weekend ahead.

The next morning started off early heading to Townsend Marine to meet all our fish-headed friends for TM’s open house. It was a day filled with great friends, awesome seminars, and you guessed it…boats! We had a blast doing our seminar with such a fun and attentive crowd. There was a great turn out for Townsend Marine’s very thoughtful open house and a lot of laughs and fish stories had. The next morning came super early heading to Scheels (newest Kit’s Tackle dealer) in Great Falls for Fish Fest 2014. Dad and I were super honored to be a part of this awesome event and share our passion with the Great Falls anglers. The fishing tackle manager, Matt Paul (stud of a great guy) set us up in a very professional seminar room and gave us the floor. We followed up after Montana’s very own Scott Achilles (aka the trolling Yoda) who does an awesome job as always. After we finished seminars we headed up to the sales floor to visit with customers and talk fishing! Dad and I had such a great time with a new crowd of friends. And let me clue ya, Great Falls LOVES to fish…KUDOS to you Great Falls fishermen!!


Promotional Banner for Scheels Fish Fest

Heading right back into Monday feeling whipped, we hit the jig engine at full bore. There are a lot of BAD ASS anglers out there that depend on the Glass Minnows so they can take part in “Jiggin’ the Dream.” The testimonials and demand over the last few weeks has been so incredibly humbling. In no way describable is the feeling I get when someone sends me a picture of a giant walleye or big rainbow with the quote “Jiggin’ the Dream” under it (especially when kids are involved.) Or as of lately…peacock bass, musky, tuna, and even a giant ling caught by yours truly! Regardless of the dream you’re jigging, it is a dream and that is what makes it so special. Looking down into the churning rhythm of the water is the dream that burns straight into my soul. It is the dream of chance, the unknown and the not yet memories of the biggest fish of your life. And I am not alone…I have an army of anglers behind me that feel the same way…they, YOU, completely understand how our slogan “Jiggin’ the Dream” was conceived. I think it is second nature and almost instinctive for true outdoorsmen and lovers of Mother Nature.


I think this adds a whole new meaning to Norman Maclean’s quote, “I am haunted by waters”

Now that I’m done with my half butted attempt at a whimsical fish blabber rant (thank god you say) I will get back to business. With our heads spinning and jiggin’ arms twitching it was time for a morning on the water.   We loaded up all the dogs and headed to the Gates of the Mountains, our favorite. With water surface temps nearing 47 degrees first thing in the morning we knew there was a slim chance at pre spawn walleye still. But since it is “Jiggin’ the Dream” we decided to go for it…and by golly it worked. Until the monster of a walleye on the end of my line came unbuttoned below the boat…oh what a lost and horrible feeling! Talk about a carton of night crawlers to the nards toppled with a peanut butter and crayfish smelly jelly sandwich! But it wasn’t a couple drifts later and I lifted my jig to that magic feeling. Setting the hook I knew it was a heavy fish and as is rose it was the gold colored we wanted! But why the world was it swimming like a giant eel?!? “Giant Ling” I yelled at dad! I have only caught ling ice fishing and at night and never in the day or out of the boat. What an awesome surprise that delves right back into the unknown. JEEZ…DID I MENTION I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

Following up our morning on the water we primed the mobile jig engine for the trip west to Missoula to gang up with your very own Captain, Mark Ward from the Montana Outdoor Radio Show for Bretz RV’s customer appreciation day. We have started doing a seminar and having a booth at this awesome event annually. I have to tell ya, Bretz gives one big thanks by serving up a steak lunch and offering seminars and events all day. Once again on the road, but fun times with good friends and many new ones met. I honestly don’t know where I would be without all my awesome fishing friends. So cheers to…you guessed it, “Jiggin’ the Dream”

Dad and Cap sharing a moment at Bretz RV in Missoula!

Dad and Cap sharing a moment at Bretz RV in Missoula!

(Written by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)