Shawn Plakke and Son Punch Spring Bear Tag
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 24, 2014

Shawn Plakke, our elk hunting guru, bagged his bear recently. He and his son searched the south slopes of the hills in search of the mighty bruin. Shawn reports that the south slope is the place to look, as the bear are currently trying to gorge themselves with as much fresh grass as possible. Shawn and his son Orion discovered a “blonde” black bear feeding an hour into their hunt. After confirming the blonde wasn’t a grizzly, they settled in for one shot.
Shawn would like to remind elk hunters, that if you are out looking for bear keep an eye on where the snow pack is. Where the snow remains this time of year is where the coolest spot of the mountain is. That is where you will find elk during the fall.