Warning of Wolf Attacks “Too Close to Home” in Idaho Residential Area
By angelamontana

Posted: May 28, 2014

KTVB recently reported a dog was killed a wolf close to homes in Idaho City just a week ago on the evening of May 21st. Residents in the area are urged to keep a close eye on their pets, as it is uncommon for the wolves to move in so close to residential areas. There was another wolf attack reported in the Boise foothills a few weeks prior on May 8th.

If this is happening more in Idaho, you can logically assume it will be happening in Montana more often, too. Please be aware of potential wolves in areas around you while your pets and small children are outside.  It is better to be too safe than sorry.

For original article by KTVB.com, click here.

(Feature photo via nbcrightnow.com)