Researching Bass with Denny Bedard
By angelamontana

The Montana Outdoor Radio Show Director Denny Bedard was out doing show research this week on some bass, and this is what he reported:

I spent about 2 and a half hours there both Monday and Tuesday. Went to the west end at the pumphouse. I was the only guy there both mornings. I didn’t start until almost 9, and with the hot, dry conditions I can imagine things would have been really great starting closer to sunrise, as by 11am things got pretty quiet.

I was just casting lures from shore. It was nice to have just a light wind at my back for some extra casting distance. Caught fish on 4 different Rapala CD 7 patterns (perch, rainbow, brown trout and fire tiger) and on a copper Mepps spinner with a brown rooster tail. It didn’t seem to matter too much what I used, it was all about presentation. The slower I retrieved, the more action there seemed to be.

All fish were in the 12-15″ range, but all good fighters. Caught 6 on Monday, 5 on Tuesday.