Whitefish and Lake Trout Fishing Report by Jiggin Jim Vashro
By angelamontana

Posted: August 8, 2014

Jiggin Jim Vashro whitefish and lake trout fishing report from Flathead Lake on Wednesday, August 6th:

I put in another 3 hours this morning. No whitefish. So my friend must have crossed paths with some whitefish chasing perch fry. My guess is that if you can find perch fry you’ll find whitefish but there aren’t many perch balls out there.

Less current today so I was able to fish better. I moved all over the point, ended up landing 5 lake trout from 23”-27” so the day wasn’t a bust. Three charter boats working, I saw them land 3 lake trout. Talked to a friend trolling steel line, he said he’s had some good days recently. Talked to a charter captain who said it’s been tough the last month. He said no one is jigging the delta for whitefish.

I did snag one yearling lake whitefish and one yearling northern pikeminnow. My guess is that’s what is in the big bait balls I’m seeing. I’m surprised I’m not seeing more lake trout. The guy trolling steel said he’s cleaned some lakers and they were full of little whitefish.

I’m off to other waters until I hear something different.

(Feature photo via flatheadlakefishing.com)